Kose Visee Feat. Smacky Glam Glow Eyes Eyeshadow Palette PK-6 Sweet Pink/ Glossy Nude Rouge PK805 swatch/ review

I've tried a few Visee items over the year but always felt it was the cheaper counterpart of its more expensive sister lines like Kose Esprique. However, the recent 2 years of Visee eyeshadow palettes have received great reviews across a lot of Asian blogs so I decided to try 2 items from their Christmas 2011 limited edition Smacky Glam x Visee range.

They are packed in limited edition floral prints which I think are quite festive and pretty.

The first item is Glam Glow Eyes eyeshadow palette in "PK-6 Sweet Pink".

Eyeshadow has a floral print embossed on top- it's actually embossed quite deep so even though I've been using this for a few weeks now, the flower print is still there (without looking ruined and ugly). 

The double ended sponge applicator does it job, I usually use my fingers for the base colors though.

Swatch of eyeshadow:
PK-6 Sweet Pink contains a soft shimmering pink (it's not so sheer that the pink disappears, there is still some pink base), the pink is rather neutral, however probably quite generic shade among many Japanese drugstore brands.
Then it's a medium mocha brown shade, which is really quite pretty, it's not too warm and not too cool which works really well as my day-to-day go to brown shade. It's shimmery and buttery soft and decently pigmented.
The darkest shade is the dark chocolate shade, it's pigmented enough to be used as eyeliner (but not so dark that you can skip eyeliner all together), works well for a smoky look if you want. It's a slightly cooler bitter chocolate shade.
Lastly it's the common "sparkle" shade a lot of Japanese eyeshadows seems to like to include in a palette. It's not exactly pigmented, rather it will show up as sparkly bits, slightly iridescent / shimmery finish. The shimmers are visibly bigger than all the other shades.

Overall a great palette consider I got it for around 1,200 yen after discount (15USD) when I was in Japan.

PK805 Glossy Nude Rouge- sorry no swatch yet. It's a nice baby pink . The advantage of buying these in person was I was able to swatch them.

The other two items from the same limited edition collection was a warmer brown eyeshadow palette (looked too warm for even my Asian skintone) and a more nude lipgloss in apricot nude. I thought the pink looked prettier. (Swatch to follow later).

Overall thumbs up, if you can still grab there at a reasonable price, would recommend them.


Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the pics! I do like Visee!

Beauty Box said...

I have the Bitter set....I love Visee for cheap but good cosmetics...and they have great shades...

Wombat said...

Hi Jamilla- I love visee too , I actually cant wait to try more shades from this collection.

Hi Beauty Box- yes I thought the prices are really quite great, especially consider these are often discounted in Japanese drugstores, and mirrors the quality of the other $25-30USD eyeshadows easily from Japanese brands.

Anonymous said...

It's soooo pretty! I wish I'd gotten it. <3s