Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour #35 CHINTZ swatch/ review

I've always liked Chanel lip colors, particularly the ones from these 2-3 years - they have definitely improved with the formula and dryness issue that I previously remembered about Chanel lipsticks.

#35 Chintz was limited edition for early 2010 I believe. It looks like a soft pink with a hint of soft peach in it, and subtle shimmers (more pearls than shimmers actually, it's not visibly grainy or anything).

Here's a close up- you can see the subtle gold pearls evenly distributed: 

Here are two swatches- (swiped about twice). You can see there is a definite good color payoff despite this being a light color. It applies smoothly and glides on. When swatched on the skin the moisture content seems higher than once swiped on the lips. On initial lip application I always feel Chanel lipsticks are slightly dry and accentuate flakies, but I realised let it sit in for 5 minutes when your body temperature melts the lip color a bit, then you get beautifully looking lips (despite actually having chapped lips on the day).

 Of course this won't mask really bad flakies or anything, but it does conceal well from a distance.

My lip swatches below- the pearlyness is a lot more obvious under flash photography, I think it looks slightly softer and peachier in real life. My natural lipcolors are a bit rosy so it brings out the pink tone a lot more. It's a gorgeous gorgeous soft pink apricot lip color with a slight shine in real life. I absolutely LOVE this shade.

I actually had quite dry lips when doing the swatching but it doesn't really gather in the dry bits which is good. I would think some people would still find these drying if they are used to the more glossy/ emollient lipsticks (e.g. Dior serum de rouge).

I read reviews before on this shade saying it's a bit 'bright' , once I applied it I realised what the reviewers mean- there's something brightening about this shade due to the pearliness, but it's not bright as in neon or bright, it's just a soft but brightening shade. Very classic soft pink with a brightening factor.

Overall 5/5. I actually have a backup somewhere I think, thankfully! You should still be able to spot this around ebay or dutyfree or less busy Chanel counters.

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