De Javu Lasting-fine liner Dark Brown swatch/ review

De javu  is more famous for their Fiberwig mascara which is still a staple of mine.  Gradually they released more items. This one is their eyeliner in 1mm thickness and apparently, 24 hrs water and oil resistance.

It comes in 3 colors, Deep Black, Real Black, and Dark Brown. (Deep black being darker than real black).

I'm reviewing Dark Brown.

It comes sealed in plastic container (bulky- I didn't keep or photo), in a cardboard background and the liner in the middle.

It's a rather slim liner , fits into my makeup bag easily (not too long)

Up close- I would say it's not shiny, but not entirely flat/ matte either. I twisted it up a little bit extra than I normally would (it is retractable so don't worry if you twisted out too much, just twist it back).

Here's bare eye- the little dot is a freckle..

Now with eyeliner very tightline- you can see it adds a tightline effect quite well and looks quite thin if you want it to be. I layered it a few times so it does come out rather dark.

Here's the swatch: the top bit with 2 lines, the bottom is when I smear it out as soon as it is applied. The shade is a nice deep brown, it's neutral/ dark bitter chocolate brown, not much red tone. However looks soft enough on the eye compared to black liners, while dark enough to be able to add enough depth.

For a twist up eyeliner that doesn't require sharpening , 1mm thickness is actually quite decent. I wouldn't twist it up too much when applying as it is possible to snap the lead inside. However it seems sturdy enough so far. I can actually wiggle it deep enough against my lashline to tightline, however it doesn't quite apply onto the "pink" section of the waterline if you are wondering. The texture just isn't built for it. That being said, as a normal eyeliner close to the lashline it is quite terrific.

While it lends itself to be smudged when freshly applied, it doesn't budge at all after about 10 seconds once it sets. I've tried to rinse with water and it doesn't come off at all!. I haven't had much issue with smearing after a full day wear either. It is truly water and oil resistant.  While it's not a super fine line, it is actually still finer than other eyeliners I can think of , most conventional pencil liners that require sharpening.

I think the finish almost reminds me of a gel-eyeliner, with the dense and rich color.

Overall 5/5.

It retails for probably under 10USD in Japanese drugstores, not expensive at all.

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