L'Oreal Sublime Mousse Luscious Conditioning Permanent Colour 41 Delicate Iced Chocolate swatch/ review

Honestly hair color posts are massively difficult!  I never remember when I took the hair pictures unless I edit the pictures immediately and rename them accordingly. So now I've decided to fix all my photos in one go.

Here's the Loreal Sublime Mousse bubble hairdye- I purchased it in Australia during priceline sale (I think it was 20% or 25% off) and bought for about 13AUD. Which is quite similar pricing to the Japanese bubble hairdyes I typically use.

This is the first time I've tried a bubble hair dye from a Western brand. I picked #41 Delicate Iced Chocolate which seemed to be almost the darkest cool toned brown in the range. I would have liked to try an ash brown but seems that normal ash brown range is not so popular with Western brands so I didn't spot anything I like.

Here's what the supposed finished color should look like: (all my pictures can be enlarged if you click on them)

It comes in a nice foam applicator bottle, it's quite easy to use and I would say I might prefer this to both Salon de Pro or Kanebo Prettia dispensers.

Content: from left it's the conditioner, then 2nd item from left on the top is the mixing solution along with the large bottle. The little round container is a pair of gloves. The item on the right is the pump dispenser.

Instructions. I did notice however it says do not shampoo and only rinse clean after you apply the foams. Which is different to other brands of Japanese hair bubble dyes which usually are ok to be shampooed off.

This is what it looks like after I massaged all the foam into my hair- while they were foams going on, I have no idea where the heck is the foam after application.  It dissipates into liquid so quickly. Thankfully I didn't experience too much dripping. (Yes it tinted my ears brown too...).

Here's my BEFORE hair color (which is Dariya Salon de pro bubble foam hair dye in shade "3" which has faded after 3 weeks...I dyed the L'oreal over it about another 2 weeks later, but you can get an idea of the color.
This is a BEFORE hair color too (I still liked the color but my greys were growing out and I'm just paranoid- even though I only have about 50 greys which are not that visible)

Before pics are all AFTER shots of the Loreal 41 Delicate Iced Chocolate, most pics are from about 10 days or 2 weeks after. I had to take a pic after 2 weeks because the stupid hair color was seriously staining on everything else and I didn't believe it was the intended color after application. It is possibly due to the 'no shampoo' afterwards which means even though I rinsed and rinsed for a good 20 minutes with runny clear water, the dye was still fading. I had to sleep with a towel over my pillow.

It still does not rinse clear even after about 5th shampoo. However once it finally rinses clear, the color was very stable on my hair.

Here's what it looks like after about 1 week which is the color it remains for rest of the 5 weeks after. (once it stops staining). It does give a very dark, very deep cool toned chocolate. It was really even around my hair roots but not so much on the rest of the hair.

However, I noticed that under sunlight and photos the color is obviously uneven, which has never really happened to me with any Japanese hairdyes. I suspect it's the lack of the "foam" after application and it dissipated too quickly to be able to effectively coat all the hair. I can imagine it might look really uneven for those who started with much lighter hair colors.

Here's a closer shot- you can see the middle section is obviously lighter than the left side.

Here are the ends of my hair (was playing around with curling iron but my hair is naturally straight). You can see the ends are relatively in decent condition. It did freel drying after the first week (and the conditioner from the pack was nothing to rave about, I quickly stopped using it and went back to my Kerastase hair masques).

It took me about 2 weeks of using Kerastase hair masque as a daily hair treatment (I just used shampoo then follow with the masque and skip conditioner) to restore my hair back to its 'healthier' state in the photos. Otherwise it really felt a bit strawy and dry. I would rank it as a bit more drying than Prettia. (Salon de pro was most non-drying for me).

The uneven application didn't bug me all that much since it wasn't visible under indoor light and under sunlight it might look like just lighting issues or something- however if you had a lighter hair color beforehand, definitely be warned.

Overall 3.5/5. I dislike the lack of a good lasting foam, and it did stink a little bit, plus the no shampoo after meant I rinsed for such a long long time and still couldn't get water to rinse clean, plus the shade stained for a whole week afterwards.

All that being said, the grey coverage was phenonmenal, I think it's because of the no-shampoo rule which really allowed the color to set too. Would probably be better for those with shorter hair since it's just hard to get an even application for anyone with long hair. (Mine is about 5cm below armpit at the moment).

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