Kanebo Kate Nail Color BE19 Beige polish review/ swatch

Kanebo Kate is a drugstore line under the Kanebo group. Sold in most Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong and quite readily available online with ebay etc.

I needed a polish during my HK trip as I was going to a function, so I went to the local Watsons and grabbed this quickly (for a mere 3USD equivalent or something)- looked like a really safe and foolproof color.

It comes in an elongated bottle, only contains 5ml.


The shade is labelled on the back (BE19).
In the bottle the color is just a plain nude pink, a tiny bit of beige but without going brown or bandaid like.

Here's the color under sunlight. Two coats. Base coat is Paul & Joe base coat and topcoat is the Coffret D'or gel top coat.

When I wore this in HK I was rather disappointed- the formula is a bit watery and sheer and uneven. However it turns out all it needs is a base coat. With any base coat it grips onto the watery consistency a lot better and the color is way more even and streakfree. Two coats I get a glazed nude pink, slightly beiged. Even a touch apricot-nude-pink under some lights.

A few different lightings. Sorry my cuticles look a bit red since I wore this OPI red shade previously and it was a pain to remove and stains my cuticles a bit!
This is about as yellow toned as it can look.

Overall 4/5, pretty cheap for USD $3, easy and foolproof shade. Requires a good base coat and topcoat to go with though, as it dries rather slowly. It is a semi opaque creme , no shimmers or glitters but not too flat either since it applies with a nice gloss.

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Jamilla Camel said...

Very pretty and perfect for everyday!