Kanebo Coffret D'or Nail Gel Top Coat N review/ swatch

Ok I couldn't quite find this top coat on the Coffret D'or website- there's a Gel Mode Top Coat on the website which is probably the 2011 version of this one.

There are two topcoats on the website at the moment, there's a gel top coat (which just means it's gel-like finish like those gel-nails) versus the jewlite topcoat (which is in a square bottle).

This was purchased in 2010. Look how gorgeous the bottle design is- it's like a diamond cut crystal blue bottle (the topcoat is clear). It contains 12ml.

This is what it should look like when purchased- there's a bunch of stickers on it but easily (and meant to be) taken off.

The ingredients etc in the back :

The bristle is just the right size, it's not as big as OPI prowide brushes, this is more like standard nailpolish bristle size (e.g. Chanel's bristles).

Swatch below with 2 coats of Chanel 521 rose cache nail polish before top coat:

Here's after topcoat- see it adds a slight gloss to the polish.

Overall I like the topcoat during applicator, it glided on really easily (I didn't have to wait for the Chanel polish to dry completely, I usually just do two coats of polish, from right hand, then left hand, then I go back to the right hand and start applying the topcoat from the first finger I painted with colored nail polish before).

It doesn't seem to have much issue with gooping up (sometimes the topcoat can just apply too thick a layer). It has a medium gloss - I do not find it to be more shiny than my usual Seche vite top coat. It dries pretty fast compared to a lot of other top coats but not as quick as Seche vite. I probably finish both my nails and have to wait for 10 minutes (and careful not to ding my nails on anything hard otherwise it will still leave a dent).

It has a typical nail polish smell, not too strong. However the biggest issue I had with this was the tiny air bubbles- there are some super tiny bubbles (I didn't shake the topcoat before application either). It's not visible in the photos but I did notice some tiny bubbles in real life. 

Overall 3.5/5. It's not bad at all compared to a lot of other top coats I've used, but I wish it dried faster and also have less bubbling issues. I have no issue with using this up but not sure if I would repurchase.

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Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the review! Will stick with Seche Vite!