MAC Smoky Berry crushed metallic pigment dazzlesphere 2011 Xmas swatch/ review

MAC Dazzlesphere are the 2011 Christmas limited edition sets, it comes in a spherical shiny silver plastic packaging (which I thought was rather ugly and plain), with a 4 stack MAC pigment in those screw top containers inside.

It contains 4 pigments:
1. Spicy smoke : reddish shimmery toned down-magenta/ mauve but muted ( though I would not say there's much purple base)
2. Roasted chestnut: chestnut brown ( very ripened, dark brown chestnut without visible red) with flecks of bronze shimmers ( a bit chunky, but not quite glittery) , cool toned and almost a purple base, very slightly in the taupe family, but not really that pretty a taupe.

3. Rose light : soft rosy pink, shimmery , same shimmer factor as the pearl pigment. It is soft enough to not be too pink bunny eyed sort of pink , but still a very generic color.

4. Pearl: shimmery white peal , unfortunately a bit generic, it is a bit frosty, more shimmery tan spicy mole bu not as chunky as roasted chestnut

From left to right swatches below: (Rose light, pearl, spicy smoke and roasted chestnut)

Spicy smoke looks more red in real life, but under flash photography it sort of turns a bit more brick-orange brown and less purple/ red. As you can see the flecks of shimmer is most obvious in Roasted Chestnut. Rose Light comes out really quite pale and if used with the Pearl shade, it is probably hard to discern any noticeable difference after blending on the eyes.

Overall these pigments are all quite metallic and shimmery (i.e. I don't think they are subtle enough for daily use, at least for me). As with all loose eyeshadows fall out is common during application. I don't really think the set is worth it to try to track down and collect (other than at or below RRP price) since the colors are a bit ordinary. You do get an extraordinary amount of eyeshadows though that I'd imagine would be really difficult to finish!

Overall 3/5.

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