OPI Heart Throb Nail Lacquer NL H18 swatch/ review

OPI Heart Throb Nail Lacquer (code NL H18) was released at least before 2010 and seems to continue to be part of the regular collection.

In the bottle it's a milky/ cloudy pink, a bit of a strawberry milkshake pink color. There's definitely that creaminess to it, but it's not opaque or full creme (or mod pink looking).

Here's the swatch with 2 coats on the nail, given its cloudy base I thought I'd layer it on top of a whitish base coat (used Maquillage nail base coat which is nothing much to rave about, Nailtek Foundation II will give an equally slightly white base and finish). As it expected it brought out the creamy base a bit more and gives a more opaque finish.

Overall it's a soft, strawberry milk shake pink, you will need at least 2 coats for an even coverage otherwise it can look uneven and streaky. I didn't try 3 coats as it might look a bit more "mod pink" which isn't something I like.

The pink base is prominent enough to show up as a proper pink instead of like a lot of OPI/ Essie soft pink nudes where you get more ivory pink than actual pink. It's a true soft pink without beige tones or peach tones etc. Just a very cute girly pink.

Still an office friendly color. You can see from the bottle I've used it quite a few times- it's sort of a no brain color that I can reach easily for my work days.

Overall 4/5. It's unique in that it gives a true strawberry milkshake pink without losing the pink base or become too translucent like a lot of other pinks tend to be. I actually prefer the look of it the last few times I wore it over a clear base coat, it gives more 'natural look' to it than using a whitish base coat which is bringing out a lot of the creamy base.

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