Kanebo Sponge Cleaner review

I use powder makeup (either pressed powder or powder foundation) far more often than liquid / cream foundations (always found powder ones to be far less pore-clogging for me no matter which brand).

A good powder foundation application is often got to do with what sponge you use. A good sponge can last for a good while with regular cleaning (most of the sponges that come with Japanese pressed powders of powder foundations are quite good, especially the department store brands, however they do cost like 5-10USD each so using them as disposables is a bit out of the questions.)

Following my last bottle of the Sofina Kao Sponge Cleaner reviewed previously, during my trip in Japan I thought I would try something new. I got this from just regular drugstore in Japan for about 6USD.

It's 55ml and a good sized portable bottle.

Everything's in Japanese, I assume I just use it as normal, wet the sponge, squirt a bit, work through the sponge and rinse thoroughly.

Here's the dirty sponge before: 

I poured a small drop on it (sponge was still dry). It worked out quite hard to work through the sponge since the sponge absorbed it all so quickly, so later on I find the best way to use this was to squirt a few drops on my palm, then massage through the wet sponge. This way cleans the best.

Sponge good as new afterwards! And I've had this sponge for like 2 months. (I have 3 or 4 good sponges that I rotate around while the others are being cleaned or dried.). I do not use any sponge for more than 2 days in a row. This is an Albion sponge which is probably one of the best sponges I've used. It's dense and soft and applies powder foundation like a dream, especially the Albion's own foundation.

And here's a quick look at the bottle- just flip-top bottle.

Overall 4/5 for this . I think the Sofina version is superior since it seemed to clean quicker. Both cleaners do not have a very obvious scent to it (smells a bit clinical but quickly dissipates once rinsed off).

Highly recommend anyone who use powder sponges (or powder puffs) regularly to get a bottle of either Sofina or Kanebo sponge cleaners. They are really cheap, and cleans like a dream. I use them to clean my synthetic makeup brushes too. You will not be going back to trying to use your face wash or normal makeup cleaner after trying this.

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