RMK Recover Gel Intensive Night Treatment Anti-Roughness and Hydration

I have to admit I'm a bit of an easy target for makeup companies that sell things of interesting consistency or formulation.

RMK Recover Gel is one of them- it's basically a treatment moisturiser (I don't see any warning against being used daily so presumably fine as a night time moisturiser regularly). It's a gel consistency (with a faint grapefruit yummy smell that I don't mind at all), with a lot of small white beads inside, that supposedly releases active ingredient once massaged into face.

Direction of use actually says apply after your night time toner and moisturiser, then apply this last as a treatment.  Apply a dollop onto face, massage in, then lightly press palm over your face to help absorb.

I just apply this after my toner anyway.

I take about 2 pea sized amounts then dot around my face, then massage in until all the white particles dissappear (takes no time at all, not longer than applying usual night time moisturisers).  It does dry a bit tacky, but not unbearable. Definitely for at night though because it probably wouldn't sit under makeup at all.

Here's what it looks like on the skin before and after.

Here's a terrible pic of the ingredients, since I can't read Japanese anyway so I didn't attempt to take another picture... =P

It's 40g and retails for 5800Yen, which is about 60USD? Not the cheapest item for sure.

Overall I've used this one and off for 6 months and not too sure what it does.

Used it again last night and made a point of putting on a bit extra, and massaging it in.

It didn't really calm my slightly irritated face immediately (lack of sleep the night before), when I woke up in the morning, actually noticed 2 or 3 very small congested spots or irritations. I'm not sure whether it's associated with the lack of sleep or this gel cream! They did go away very quickly overnight (back on my regular skincare).

Other than that, my skin felt a bit smoother, it is relatively hydrated (but then hydration hasn't been much of a problem lately).

Will try again when I'm more rested this week.

Tentative rating: 3.5/5

Will update if my thoughts change about this.

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