OPI Sonora Sunset P05 Nail Lacquer Polish swatch

OPI Sonora Sunset (code P05) is one of those colors that doesn't seem to get much love around most reviews.

It's one of those mid-tone colors that will probably only be liked for those with suitable skintones , as if with most mid colors, some people will complain it's not light enough, some say it's not dark enough.

However I quite liked this one especially when I'm a bit paler. It's a mid tone rose with a medium pink and light touch of red, in a pearly finish. Not metallic, not frosty, but general pearly/ shimmery sort of finish.

Two coats I get full coverage. This is one of the pretty earlier OPI collection colors though, I do think the recent 2 years formula and color/ wear has been better than the older collection. This one does seem a bit plain- nonetheless it looks nice on me for the office anyway so I do reach for this color every now and then.

Overall 3.5 or 4 out of 5.
Not spectacular color, but nothing wrong with it either.

Again, I'm wearing 2 coats + seche vite top coat. Lasts a good 4-5 days on me.

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