Chanel Le Nail Vernis English Rose #205 swatch and review

Chanel #205 English Rose is a medium pink with a pearlized finish, not as pale as a pink rose in real life, in fact I think this should really be called a pink geranium. Looks like geranium petals when they first blossom.

It's sort of a delicate mid-tone color, not anywhere near a hot pink. It's very office friendly as with most Chanel mid tone colors.

It's a definite pearl finish, not quite that shimmery, nor frosty. It's just has that pearly reflective finish, again probably requires two coats to mask any unevenness or brush stroke marks.

It will look a bit paler in color in certian lights, e.g. picture with indoor flash below.

Overall 4/5. Not all that unique, but I cannot actually think of an OPI or Essie dupe for this one, and I have quite a lot of mid-tone pinks.

Finish and consistency is similar to most other Chanel polishes, I get a solid 3 day wear most of the time, but if my hand spends a bit of time in water, it does 'flake' off in large pieces pretty quickly.

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