Essie Vanity Fairest #505 Nail Polish swatch/review

Essie Vanity Fairest (code 505) is a vanilla white, actually it is very much like the OPI I'll take the cake which I just reviewed below, in the same base color.  However it doesn't have the gold shimmer in OPI I'll take the cake, instead it's slightly more opaque and milky (but it's not a full creme), with very subtle and delicate white silver shimmers.

It looks my nails look really clean. It's a lovely office color. However when I'm a bit more tanned, I do not like this as a french mani color, as it can be just too 'white' and not quite natural enough.

On my paler days it does look so polished, clean and pretty.

Here it is under warmer lights- you can see how subtle the tiny tiny white silver shimmers are. Barely picking it up in photos.

Again, 2 coats in pictures above.

Overall rating 4/5 .
Not the 'necessary' best french nude colors there, but it is pretty and a good way to start into Essie french colors.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh! I love your nails! :D