Fancl Lucent Pressed Powder

Fancl Lucent Pressed Powder was released in late 2010 or early 2011 I think. I use and LOVE Fancl "Skincare Base Creamy" which is a lightly luminous foundation base/ primer. I thought the pressed powder might equally impress me.

Comes in a separate refill and foundation case (they probably standardised the compact sizings so the foudnation case can fit pressed powders refill too).

Everything's SEALED in plastic, very clean. This is because Fancl prides in adding minimal preservatives or none, to their products, so they have a short shelf life (1 year from manufacturing date and 3 months for liquds after opening and about 6 mths for powders after opening). Personally I've used Fancl products a bit past the suggested expiry date (because it is very hard to finish some skincare products within 3 months!) and I never notice a change in consistency or anything....so I'd say it's more a 'recommended' use by date.

Fitting it into the compact:

The puff'sponge included is a very short fur type furry sponge. It's a bit useless, albeit very soft. You can see I struggle to pick up any powder even after a full swipe.

Here's BEFORE application

Here's AFTER.
Basically as the name says, it's LUCENT, as in translucent, so I cannot detect ANYTHING on my skin really because the powder is so finely milled. Do I like this? I wish I could've gotten a refund! I'm not sure whether it does anything, it doesn't cover anything because it's basically colorless. It doesn't 'set' my makeup after liquid foundation because it's just very hard to pick up enough from the compact.

I tried using a brush like a kabuki or powder brush with this, still did nothing.

Rating of 0 out of 5.


Ti_Amo said...

Aww really? It looked to me like it blurred the lines on your hand--maybe not though!! Sorry to hear it was a bummer!

Wombat said...

=) It kind of does blur it, but that's a massive dossage on the hand already for the lightest blurring effect lol.