Bobbi Brown Nude Eyes Palette 2010

Very quick review and lots of pics!

Bobbi Brown releases various eyeshadow palettes throughout the year, seems like at least for recent years, every year a nude eyes palette would be released, with a slight variation of eyeshadow colors (and finishes).
Bobbi Brown Nude Eyes Palette- I think this is a 2010 version. Unfortunately BB doesn't quite name them very differently so when you say Nude Eyes Palette from Bobbi Brown, there are probably over 5 versions out there.

From left to right the colors are:

1. Navajo Eyeshadow (plain vanilla white), not sure why Bobbi Brown almost compulsively include this eyeshadow in every single one of the nude eyeshadow palettes and often some other palettes, I find it a bit flat and boring. It works as a base, but not too exciting.

2. Pebble Metallic Eyeshadow (light silvery neutral/cool brown, with a light tinge of grey)

3. Chino eyeshadow (a sand grey, in a satin finish, no shimmer). Personally I'd rather another more exciting shade, Chino is also duped in various palettes quite often.

4. Beige Linen Shimmer Wash eyeshadow (a shimmery beige neutral, about same depth as Pebble- they are not very dark colors, probably used as accent or crease shade, not really for lining)

5. Maple Sugar metallic eyeshadow ( a beautiful brown sugar color, really does remind me of how raw sugar looks like, with a touch more brown. It's shimmery).

6. Caviar eyeshadow (matte charcoal black)- another snooze shade Bobbi seems to love to include in all the palettes.

Overall it's a lovely nude eyeshadow palette, I wish there'd be a more exciting shade for darker colors. They could easily take out Caviar and Navojo eyeshadows since it's duplicated in almost every single palette Bobbi Brown releases, I don't particularly collect the palettes from each season, even so I think I must have about 3-4 of Navajo and Caviar lying around!

It comes in the new palette format- so the individual eyeshadow duo pans can be popped out. I love the design. Wish they'd release a 8 pan eventually so I can put all my BB blushes in one place.

I also like how the eyeshadows are not full sized pans of one color, effectively it's like 4-full sized eyeshadow contents but you get 8 colors since the pans are split. You cannot buy eyeshadow duo pans like this from BB's regular line.

Overall rating : 4/5

Buy this if you want an eyeshadow palette on the go- however if you have a few nude/neutral / brown eyeshadows from previous Bobbi Brown collections, you can probably skip this.

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