Guerlain Terracotta Gloss & Shine Moisturising Lip Balm Sun Shimmer #01 Blonde Sun review/swatch

Isn't the name a mouthfull? Really, it is honestly that long!

Guerlain Terracotta collections are released virtually every single summer. The Gloss & Shine Moisturising Lip Balm Sun Shimmer has been in the collections regularly  (with different color released each time) for last 2-3 years as far as I can remember.

This shade #01 Blonde Sun was in from the Orient Sun themed Terracotta collection (I think 2010?). It was the lightest looking one out of the 3 released at the time, so I thought I couldn't go wrong with it.


To my surprise, despite being called moisturising lip balm and 'gloss and shine' and all, these are more like liquid lipsticks- the consistency is a bit thicker than expected (e.g. comparable to MAC Lipglass in the more pigmented shades I thought).  Definitely not a lip balm or tinted lipbalm/gloss like I expected.

You can see based on swatch on the skin how pigmented these are. On the lips they show with as much pigmentation. The shimmer is pretty consistent too so it will show up on the lips as well (instead of wearing off like a layer of glitter). 

#01 Blonde Sun is a bronzed rose- or rose tan shade, with same colored shimmers infused throughout. It's very pigmented, you can see on the second skin swatch even spreading it out it still remains equally pigmented. I thought I was going to get a soft nude pink based on the color in the tube, how wrong I was.

Overall 3/5. 

Mostly because it's just not my color nor the consistency I expected.  I sort of understand why the Terracotta line doesn't sell as well in Asia (as with most bronze/ tan themed European brand collections), these tan/ brick shades really brings out a lot of yellow from my skin and I look rather sallow.

The high pigmentation and consistency also means I can't just slap this on without it looking rather out of place on my lips. It looks like a color a lot more suitable for those who are naturally more tanned, or with a golden/olive skin tone, or need to be complemented with a bit more makeup such as a bronze cheek color.

In terms of moisturising properties, it's as good as most lipglosses out there, it's not drying but I wouldn't call it a lipbalm because it's just not what you would expect a tinted lipbalm to be. This should really be marketd as a liquid lipstick.

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