Kanebo Coffret D'or Nail Color OR43 swatch, PK152, YL08 (Summer 2010)

This is a bit of a late review given Coffret D'or is already releasing the 2011 Summer/Autumn new nail colors (and I think the packaging may have changed already?). Anyway, here were the 2010 summer edition colors, OR43, PK152 and YL08. I've only swatched OR-43 so far.

PK152 is a blossom light pink with silver flecks, OR43 is an apricot nude with silver/nude flecks of shimmer, YL08 is a very soft yellow with silver shimmers. They are all very soft, feminine colors easily wearable for spring and summer.

Here's the individual shots of OR43 which I will swatch today.

I think this picture below where I'm holding the bottle shows the best color both on nails and in the bottle- you can see the shimmers more clearly. On the nails it's a very gentle shimmer, just fine silver shimmers throughout evenly, it's a gorgeous office friendly color. Looks so feminine and pretty, usually the fear of wearing apricot nudes is it brings out too much yellowness or sallowness in my skintone, but this one doesn't.

A few more different shots under different lights and rooms to show what it looks like.

Coffret D'or nail colors wears very well, it lasts a good 4-5 days for me (which is how often I remove my polishes). I'm wearing seche vite top coat in these pictures and I think the base coat was Orly bonder.

The formula of Coffret d'or nailpolishes themselves are NOT quick dry, as is often with most Japanese nailpolishes. However a quick dry topcoat like Seche Vite easily fixes this problem, so my drying time is just similar  any OPI polishes with Seche vite on top.

Overall rating 5/5. You can find these on ebay or just google, a few websites probably sells these.

Products reviewed above are all self funded. Not affiliation with the brand.

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