Revlon Lip Butter lipstick in 25 Peach Parfait review/ swatch

Revlon lip butter seems to be the new "it" lipstick lately as I saw numerous reviews (mostly raves) everywhere on both Asian and western beauty blogs. I finally saw these at priceline in Sydney for a whopping $21AUD retail (ok seriously I think Australian RRP is just getting ridiculous particularly given the strength of AUD for last 2 years).

I ended up getting this from HK for like $8AUD equivalent or something, I looked at most online swatches and the pinks either looks too cool or too dark, some oranges looked too vibrant and the other shades are probably not really my colors either.

Here's #25 Peach Parfait:

it looks like a coral red/pink with gold shimmers in the tube.

Pretty simple tube design.

Ingredient label on the back.

Here are two swatches under different lighting, top one with flash and bottom one without.

On left I swiped about 3 times, the color easily builds up but still retains that moist and smooth look.

Under indoor light without flash, it shows the gold shimmers better.

After a few applications:

You can see it looks really moist and shiny- it's really like a buttery lipstick.

Here's on the lip swatches- I think my picture is showing up a bit lighter than in real life. But the base color is really only 1 tiny tint darker than my natural lip color, so on my lips it really just gives me that warmer coral pink tint look with a gold shimmer finish and evens out my lip color. It will mostly show up a deeper pink coral-red on anyone else with lighter lip colors naturally.

 You can apply this without prepping with lipbalms, but I always do anyway. With a lot of these recent lip butter type of sheer & moisturising lipsticks, while they apply on the lips smooth and slick due to the consistency, not many are actually 'moisturising' on its own. I don't think this replaces my normal lipbalms for me.

Overall thumbs up, given the overseas cheaper RRP price this is well worth it, I just wish they would bring more neutral/ medium shades of pinks and apricots/peaches etc.

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