MAC Very Important Platinum/ Formidable Nail Lacquer vernis polish reviews/ swatches

Here's a quick swatch of two MAC polishes I picked up in the last year.

MAC Formidable ( from Venomous Villains collection). Which looks like a complex mix of a vampy purple, blackened, reddened and blued and greened tinge mix. 

Then "Very Important Platinum" (not sure which collection, but about 2011). In the bottle it looks like a deep silver, not a shiny silver but more like a metal mercury silver look. 

Here are swatches: Ok they really don't pair well together since they are such contrasting colors lol.  I didn't really wear my nails like this out.

Formidable turns out to be a vampy eggplant purple base with a strangely shimmery/metallic finish, it's like a dirty 'foiled' finish as it has such a complex array of mix of colors, there's some green tinge showing through and some blackened shimmer too.

I'm not sure how much I like the finish- it's sort of uneven, while it's wickedly dark and alluring in a way, at the same time I don't think it's a shade I can sport any day.

Very important Platinum on the other hand, is so not very important in my collection. It's a really streaky frosty dark mercury silver. It has that 'liquid' metal look like real mercury does. However it just has that streaky look to it and it's like a sci-fi movie nailpolish color or something.

Well I think this explains why most of my polish collection are safe colors like pinks and reds and corals, which I shall go back to promptly reviewing soon lol.

Overall 2/5 for both shades. MAC polishes really don't have a very good or flattering finish in my books, my experience always shown that the shimmery shades can go streaky and frosty while metallic shades can have an uneven finished look. (despite being smooth to touch).

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