MAC Glitter & Ice from late 2011 collection features new shiny silver boxes and white compacts and an array of mineralized eyeshadows. 

I didn't buy that many from this collection as I'm gradually a bit over the mineralize eyeshadow range- they are so pretty to look at, but unfortunately a few shades are often really glittery or chunky.

I picked Shimmermint (on left in pic below) and Winterized (on the right in picture below).

Shimmermint is a silvery minty green with a sheen to it, it looks cool / neutral toned and not really a 'dirty' looking green.

Winterized appear to be a mix of taupes and browns and fine black veining.

Swatches below: Shimmermint on left and winterized on right.

You can see both shades are rather 'shimmery' and the shimmer particles are a bit chunky again. When applied with wet brush you get less of the 'chunky ' look and more a shimmery and intense finish, not quite metallic but shimmermint is definitely more shimmery than Winterized.

Shimmermint is a slightly greyed minty green, it's not as pastel green as I imagined (and hoped for), but which means this shade can be matched against other colors easily like gradations of greens and browns and greys. If you apply a bit more, there's an underlying blue which shows through, when applied densely it gives you a certain 'mermaid' green quality, like flashes of aqua and green together. However there is still that grey base. Can look frosty when built up.

Winterized is a taupe brown to me, or mix of plum and brown (but not quite in the taupe family due to the grey-black base)- not on my top pick of taupes as the blackened base shows through and it can look a bit dirty when not blended properly. Not as shimmery but certainly not intense enough to be densely applied as a liner unless applied wet.

Overall 3/5. Great to look at in the pan but a bit disappointing once applied.

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