Chanel Le Vernis 515 Peche Nacree Nail colour review/ swatch

Back to my usual favorite colors- pinks and peaches! Here's review of Chanel 515 Peche Nacree- I think this was around 2011/ 2010 collection so should still have some floating around ebay.

In the bottle it's a true mix of pastel pink and peaches, very soft, the finish is on a pearly side. Not frosty not shimmery but pearly.

Again you can see the pearling- it's not small enough to be iridescence.

Again under a few different lightings and angles. I'm wearing two coats in all pictures below. You can see it's semi opaque with 2 coats and on some fingers if you applied a thicker layer, there's more coverage while some fingers it can seem a bit thin.

I think this shade is at least half pink and half soft peach. It's not too orange enough to be apricot but it  has enough balance to be a soft feminine shade that is not really duplicated in anything else I have from Chanel or other brands. I wish the pearly factor is even finer because it is still a bit thicker pigment than I prefer (the thicker it is to me it seems more frosty and not as smooth and polished looking).

This is as light as the color seems in some lighting.

Here shows slightly more peachy shade under sunlight.

Overall happy with this shade- I did experience some peeling by day 3 but my hands touched a bit of water so that was probably why. I find Chanel polishes do not last as long on me compared to OPI or Diors in generally, especially if your did a bit of chores or touched water a bit more frequently.

Rating of 4/5. It's not the most delicate and gorgeous pastel shade but it's very soft and feminine and I would gladly wear this any day. Looks polished enough for office but can also be worn with my t-shirts and jeans.

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