What I finished this month: Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo/ Hada senka lotion/ Frederic Fekkai mask

I don't finish a lot of products very often so this week I suddenly finished 4 things and seemed like a post is necessary to celebrate!

From left to right: Frederic Fekkai technicolor 3 minute masque
(the last two items I have reviewed previously)

And also, Wakigard anti-perspirant gel

Overall thoughts are:

Frederic Fekkai 3 minute masque (I know it seems the jar is really small, it's a travel sized container with maybe 50ml. It smells lovely and looks like a lovely pink creme, and boasts a 3 minute treatment quality for color treated hair. I would really think the moisturising ability is only slightly above a good hair conditioner but definitely below other masques in comparative price ranges (e.g. pay a bit more for kerastase masques and kerastase performs about 300% better than this masque). I'm pretty sure I won't be repurchasing.

Kiehl's amino acid shampoo is actually about my 2nd bottle, they smell lovely (light coconut), performs superbly as a daily shampoo for normal hair. (For those with more oily hair you may find this shampoo too weak, for those with dry hair I believe this is mild enough).  It works great as a daily shampoo but if I skipped shampooing for a day (based on hairdresser advice it's best to shampoo every 2 days with colored hair), I need to double shampoo when using this shampoo as it is often difficult to lather up.
I would however gladly repurchase.

The shiseido hada-senka lotion is probably the best toner I've used in these few years, will gladly repurchase after I go through my millions of other toners on hand.  It is great if your skin generally hates those moisturisers and creams, it just adds enough moisture to the skin so often you can just follow up with your facial serum and that's sufficient for spring through to autumn. Even in winter I only need to use another moisturising cream sparingly as needed.

Wakigard is a Japanese anti perspirant gel. It has minimal scent and a clear gel consistency. It works well as a deodorant (but I don't really have too much of that issue). I don't use an anti-perspirant daily as I don't sweat very much, but I always wear one if I'm wear a nice silk skirt or white blouses as I'm hoping it will keep sweat stains to a minimum. (not sure if any deos actually counters fabric yellowing?).  For anyone who sweats a lot it's probably not really that 'anti-perspiring' , as I find in higher temperatures the gel readily turns back into a liquid on your underarm again! which is rather odd. On the fence about whether to repurchase.

Ok that sums it up! I should get back to my using-it-up project.

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