Fancl FDR Body Milk review

A quick review of Fancl FDR body milk- they come in small bottles of 60ml (as Fancl's product direction is everything have no preservatives added and items should be used within 100 days of opening, the sizing for almost all products are quite small). Usually you can purchase multiple bottles at a discount in Fancl stores. (around $12-15USD per bottle and can go as low as $10 per bottle when purchased in bulk or with more discounts)- which still makes it a hefty pricetag compared to product size.

The FDR line is targeted for those with ultra sensitive skin and sort of the "clinical" directed line within the Fancl product lines.

It comes in a minimalistic semi clear green plastic bottle, with a flip open top.

The body milk is a runny lotion consistency.

When spreaded out- you can see skin has a light moisturised shine. 
The product has no scent to it.

Overall it's a 4/5 for me. I have really sensitive skin which is prone to random hives breakout or eczema particularly during season changes or times of stress. I've learnt to live with it and control it relatively well in the past few years and at most I get a few days of breakouts a year with eczema.

Keeping my skin moisturised has been the key in maintaining healthy skin. During season changes I always switch back to a soothing body moisturiser or something with minimal additives and Fancl is easily one of them. It does dry a bit tacky to touch but it doesn't rub off onto bed sheets or clothing (like the Body Shops Body Butters which have ruined some of my new sheets).

In terms of already irritated skin, this seems fine- it doesn't fix irritations but doesn't worsen it either.

For really bad skin days I do have to bring out my topical treatment creams (usually like 0.5% cortisone contents etc) and revert to using Aveeno body moisturiser with oatmeal (which really does soothe irritated skin).

If this was a bit cheaper and doesn't have such a short expiry date, I would probably use this more regularly. A 60ml bottle probably lasts me 2 months with once daily use. You don't need a whole lot each application.

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