Annick Goutal Petite Cherie Eau de Toilette review

I actually have a sizeable perfumes collection- but I never thought there was much point in reviewing it as while my nose is really sensitive to a lot of scents (i.e. they make me sneeze), I can't really start describing scents with the magazine reviews I see so often that goes like 'oh the initial note is a vibrant cherry followed by like a walk in the wood in the spring mist..."

However this is definitely my favorite scent so far in last 2 years and certainly worthy of just introducing to some people.

Petit Cherie comes in a petit bottle indeed- I have the 25ml size which I'm not sure was regular size or a special edition. I generally prefer my perfumes to be no more than 30ml as I never ever really finish any fragrances- however now I wish I had purchased a 100ml size since I love this so much.

It has a rectangular glass bottle with a ribbon print on top. Very cute and feminine without looking too young.

(oh and my nails are Lancome kate winslet le vernis in shade #26, which I reviewed a few posts ago already).

The scent is really quite light, a lot of people would probably complain this has no staying power. I don't really mind that but sometimes do wish it could stay a little bit longer. It has a pleasant cherries and peaches sort of sweet scent, it's very gentle and doesn't have that 'alcoholic' note sting even on initial spray. 

After a while it turns even softer, before it dissipates into thin air (probably 4 hours on me). I never have the issue of perfumes not lasting long enough so I was rather surprised that this fragrance has such a short lasting effect. This also means I can be more generous in spraying this (usually I spray my fragrances in air then walk through it, and that's as much scent as I prefer my perfumes). 

With this one I can actually spot spray with direct skin contact- a bit on neck and wrists.

Here's the actual set I purchased which came with a little mobile phone strap I forgot to photo. I think this was limited set in Asian department stores late last year.

For me this is a bit like Loccitane honey water (original version, not the honey & lemon ones). It is a comforting sweet scent, that makes me happy instantly. Not to mention both me and my bf's sensitive nose haven't minded the scent at all. sometimes stronger scents just give me headaches.

Overall 5/5. Would love to stock up a bigger bottle!

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