Dior Vernis Haute Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer 021 Icy Dew review/ swatch

Dior Vernis Haute Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer in 021 Icy Dew is released in 2012 as part of the summer collection I think. The other shade in the collection is 191 Glacier which looked like a baby blue sister of this shade.

I tried to take photos at various angles- it's one of those ivory white based shades that appears a bit differently under different lightings. In the bottle it looks like a pearly white:

However close up you can see it sort of actually reflects a bit moonstone kind of shade, or those white mother of pearl- there is a tinge of pink and very very pale gold iridescence.

Here it is on the nails, I picked the photos that best depicts the pink tinge and gold shimmers. From a distance it looks like an ivory white that flashes a bit of pink.

The name is rather appropriate, "icy dew" , it definitely has that icy touch to it and is mostly a cool shade, but for the pink and gold shimmers which sort of warms it slightly into a neutral. Any cooler than this it would probably look a bit unpleasant on my nails.

Wore this to office today and I like the shade so far. The formulation is superb, applies evenly and dries relatively quickly, 2 coats and you can get the opacity in my photos. It's not fully opaque though but I think 2 coats look nice.

Overall 4/5. It's a unique white shade, I don't have anything similar, it reminds me of a whiter and more shimmery version of essie tennis corset but that has more sparse and deeper gold shimmers and is more 'cloudy white' than this one. It's also nothing like Chanel blanc ceramic or other recent white shades I can think of. It's unique enough even for someone with a collection of white, but again, for me personally I wouldn't really track down this shade or pay more than retail.

It offers a nice twist to usual french nude shades but I would think a lot of my other french type of nudes and pinks are prettier.

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