Lunasol Nail Finish N 02 Shell Pink (2012) nail polish/ lacquer review/ swatch

Lunasol 2012 spring/summer collection featured a bunch of new polishes (to their regular line). They are now "Nail Finish N".

Here's #02 Shell Pink. (If a shade is limited edition the color code starts with EX something). So if a code just says 01 / 02 / 23 etc, it means it is part of the regular line.

They are 10ml and retails for 1,500Yen which is about 17USD? though you can easily find these for cheaper on ebay. 

Below picture is probably the best picture of 02 Shell Pink, as it shows the soft pink base and also the slight pearly /sheen look to it, it's truly like the inside of a seashell where it's a bit pearly and almost reflects a really really faint blue.


At different angles the pearly sheen is non existent at all, like in picture below.

Comes in a standard plastic box.

Here are swatches with 3 coats. I hardly ever apply three coats since I don't like a thicker finish and 3 coats often take a lot longer to dry. However even with 2 coats it was still uneven, but 3 coats gives a rather even coverage and color now.

I didn't apply any base coat or top coat in pictures below.

Picture here shows the pearly sheen the best- The tiny blue iridescence or sheen is so subtle and very lovely. (Unlike the oh-lala pearl  pink from China glaze collection a while back which were reflecting really obvious blue and looked a bit tacky).

Picture below now with seche vite top coat, you can see the shine factor hasn't changed much.

Overall I love the color, it's very subtle and feminine but the pearly sheen and 'shell' finish gives a nice twist. The overall base color is quite common however, like a semi-sheer baby pink creme,  It's a really safe and office friendly shade. Probably not worth the full 1,500 yen price tag but if you can find it for a bit cheaper, definitely check these polishes out.

Overall 4/5.

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