Fancl White Mask Plus+ Facial Mask review (2012 version)

As you may all know the Fancl Whitening serum is my staple whitening serum for last 2 years, it gives me generally evened out skin and any acne marks fade quite quickly. (However it does nothing for long term freckles or broken capillaries).

Here's Fancl White Mask Plus+ , which is basically the 2012 upgraded version of the fancl whitening mask. Like many Japanese brands, some products are seasonally renamed (and sometimes a few ingredients added, whatever is trendy in the beauty market for the year), then released seasonally.

Packaging is very similar to old version which was white with navy blue, this time it's mostly light blue and white.

Each box contains 3 satchet sheets of facial mask.

Fancl prints manufacturing dates on the paper box only, not on the masks. Items have a 12 month expiry date in general. so this box would expire in 2013.

Individual sheet masks:

Japanese ingredient list etc:

Here's what it looks like.The mask sheets are quite transparent, but doesn't really tear easily. It fits onto the face easily and does not slip and slide much. Fancl masks aren't really dripping wet and there are seldom much liquid leftover in the satchet either after you take the mask out.

In terms of overall effect, I would say it's a pretty plain mask. You are much better off investing in the whitening serum. While this mask boosts calming and hydration and brightening effects, I know you cant expect more even looking complexion with just 3 sheet masks, but usually I'd expect a lot of hydration and soothing properties. This mask doesn't deliver all that much in all 3 claims.

It's a very light facial mask, afterwards I only experience mild hydration and immediate mild calming (but does not last til the next morning).

I would use this in summer or in more oily skin days when I feel like using a sheet mask, but feel my skin is hydrated enough and don't want much oil on it.

Overall 2.5/5, probably a lot of better masks out there with cheaper prices. These retail for about 17-22USD a box (of 3) which is still on the pricey side.

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