Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact 13 Milky Strawberry review/ swatch

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compacts in shade #13 Milky Strawberry was released late 2011 or early 2012.

It is a blush quad with 4 different shades. You also get a silver retractable blush brush attached to the compact (it has a clasp closure so you can take it out completely).

I think this is also the image from the collection showing model wearing the blush (correct me if I'm wrong though!).

Comes in beautiful silver compact with lace design.

Inside: there's a plastic sheet separator which I have not shown.

This is what the embossed design look like after use, the entire print probably wears out after 10 uses (I've been using this blush almost exclusively for the entire month so it's reasonably used).

Here's swatch below, the left grey grid shows blush swatch according to same formation, on the right is what it looks like when all 4 shades are mixed together.

The top two shades are really hard to photo using flash photography, picture below shows the shimmer factor better: 

Basically top left corner is the largest shimmer in a pale pale pink, almost silvery, on top right it's a very soft subtle pink , it looks mauve pale pink in the pan but there really isn't much color, it's really there to sheer out the shade when you mix the bottom two vibrant colors together.

Bottom left is the nicest color, it's a bright pop of pink, without looking garish, it's extremely finely milled and a bit satin finish so it blends right into the skin and looks like such a pretty glow on the face. 

Bottom right shade looks coral/ peach in the pan but it's still rather pink when applied, at most a peach pink. it's not as pigmented as the bottom left corner color.

These are not too loosely or firmly pressed, I have great success using whatever blush brush I have.  They are a bit hard to swatch with fingers but with brush the color comes right out naturally.

The overall finish on me is a very pretty pink glow, on the vibrant side (but still looks really natural), mostly due to the bottom left hand corner pink shade which is so pretty. It reminds me of Bobbi Brown's pale pink blush (in powder form), but it's more wearable and not as fuschia, and has a nicer finish in terms of texture.

It's not quite like the model's picture when applied, hers look less pink and more subtle, this shade can really build up to a more vibrant pink as needed. I find the top left hand shade a bit useless though, it's a bit "chunky" shimmer compared to highlighters I prefer normally. I love this as an everyday shade, it makes me look awake , the pink is not overly cute and the shade is office appropriate.

5/5, I'd better start using my other mix blush compact (have several unopened ones in various shades), otherwise I'm so tempted to see if I should find a backup of this.


Haru said...

Thanks for the detailed review and swatches, hope to see you post about your other Jill Stuart blush quads! I have quite a few of these that I've been neglecting as well but I've pulled them out to be used in the coming weeks.

Wombat said...

Hi Haru, lol I have to admit the problem with using Jill Stuart blushes is they are too pretty on the surface so I'm always hesitant to start using a new shade! =)

Beauty Box said...

This looks so pretty. I'm also a huge fan of JS blushes. It really does suit the name milky strawberry, doesn't it?

~ Claire ~ said...

milky strawberry is my favourite JS blush so far, I hope to use it more this month, it doesn't get a lot of attention lately *sigh*

Wombat said...

Hi Beauty Box, yes it's really quite fit the name milky strawberry! I especially love the brightened pink.

Hi Claire, lol I haven't opened many of my JS blushes (since I dont want to ruin that pretty print surface..!) but this one is certainly worth dipping into =)