Frederic Fekkai Technician color care color protecting glaze review

I actually have most of the Frederic Fekkai Technician Color Care range of products from shampoo to conditioner and 3-minute mask and this glaze. I've used the mask a few times and while it smells nice and looks nice, it's not really dramatically hydrating or nourishing or prevent much color fading.

This review is specifically for the protection glaze, which is meant to be a color protection serum on dry hair.

All hair pictures here are not bubble hairdye colors as my previous many posts, I actually went to the hairdresser this time for overall color as my hair was simply getting too long to manage with bubble hairdye, and the last slightly failed attempt gave me uneven color so I really needed to fix it for good. 


It has a pretty smart nozzle design, you twist it to open, squeeze bottle to control quantity. It's very convenient and mess free, the serum consistency also means the nozzle never get clogged.

It's pretty much transparent (in the palm of my hands).

I've tried to use it on wet hair first here, before blowdrying:

Here's the overall result after blowdrying. You can see the top of head and mid section looks fine, but bottom is still a bit frizzy. This serum doesn't have any end control quality. As for whether my hair looks shinier, not too sure- maybe very very mildly, it's not really a shine serum either.

I've decided to use a few extra drops on dry hair, which is what the instruction says.

Here's AFTER, you can see ends are very mildly smoothed. Usually my hair color fades the quickest at the end of hair.  (My current hair color is a dark dark brown, I asked for a neutral/ cool brown without any red, it's not quite ash because I don't think they added much green base in it either).

On the left of picture below, I applied the glaze. On right, nothing.

You can see it does tame the ends very mildly.

Here's the result after proper styling with my usual straightener just at the ends ( I literally just iron through the ends very quickly for an inward curl before I sleep, otherwise the next morning it can look frizzy especially at the ends). It's by no means a full styling but just quick cheat for me when I need better looking hair the next day- only takes 3 minutes anyway.

Again on the left, with the glaze, on the right, nothing. Once you used some heat styling, honestly the difference is really minor.

The glaze has a nice light scent like the rest of the Technician color care line, and does not feel oily. It reminds me a bit like the consistency of Kerastase oleo relax serums (not similar effect or anything, just consistency), but even lighter. It dries instantly on the hair.

Overall I'd use it up but probably wont' repurchase, I still think the color stripping is mostly due to shampooing and no treatment product is really going to help to hold the color that much...
I've been told by the hairdresser that if I wanted to maintain this dark brown color, I should wash my hair at most every 2 days, but I really can't stand the feeling of even slightly greasy scalp so most of the week I wash daily.

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