The Body Shop Born Lippy Lychee Shimmer Lip Balm (lipstick) review/ swatch

Sorry I've been slow with posting- work is crazily busy so obviously my retail therapy has in fact increased dramatically over this period but I just haven't had time to take photos or do reviews.

Here's a quick one- the Body Shop Born Lippy. It has various flavors and they are meant to be tinted lipbalms with shimmers. Other flavors include like pomegranate (which has a red tint). Initially I was really just fascinated by the lychee scent as I love lychee flavors, plus I thought this looked like an untinted color so it would work as a lipbalm.

Comes in a pale pink plastic tube, average size as normal lipbalms, content is 5g. 

Here's what it looks like- clear balmy texture with silvery/ white shimmers.

Swatch- I knew I wasn't going to like this as soon as I saw the swatch, it's like Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer all over again!  It's just a clear balm with LOADS of silvery and white shimmers. The shimmers are smaller than glitters but because of the silvery base it's very obvious. Far more obvious than my photos seem.

Here's bare lips, unmoisturised.

 Here's after 1 quick swipe- you will notice the overwhelming amount of white and silvery shimmers that also migrate off the edge. In fact it makes me look purple lipped and sick in real life. The picture also doesn't quite depict this lipbalm applying very unevenly in real life.

Overall 0 out of 5. I cannot really think of ways to salvage this. It does have an artificial lychee lolly sort of scent and taste slightly sweet. I mean unless I go to the trouble of using this first then apply a darker lipgloss/lipstick, I really don't see how this could work for most people with remotely pigmented lips.

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