MAC The Faerie Glen Lustre Lipstick (Tartan Tale collection) review/ swatch

MAC The Faerie Glen lipstick was a limited edition shade from the Tartan Tale collection.

In the tube it looks like a pink nude, but without being too beige nude, and overall creamy finish looking. 

Swatch below, on the right it's about two swipes and on left about 4 swipes. You can see it transforms to same color as the tube- a pinkish nude. It's creamy and even though it's a lustre finish, it's rather pigmented and quite 'creamy' for a lustre lipstick. There's no shimmers.

Lips with just lipbalm below:

After about two swipes of the Faerie Glen lipstick, no lip brush was used. You can see it gives great even color coverage. I do find that your lips will need to be well primed because it's a rather creamy shade, it can look uneven or streaky especially on any flakies. I found this lipstick stays moderately glossy, it's not super moisturising but nothing a good lipbalm can't fix.

In real life it could be the undertone of my natural lips but I found the color turned more pink-nude-peach, like there's an apricot peach tone in real life.

Another swatch:

Overall it's a my lips but slightly more nude color. It's not my favorite lipstick out there because I believe a lot of Japanese lipsticks deliver a more glossy finish and even more "my lips but better" shades. This lipstick is just a tad too 'creamy' for me as I prefer my lipsticks to have a sheer yet pigmented finish - i.e. it won't look a bit too opaque and unnatural on the lips. This one is about as creamy as I'd like my lipsticks to be.

Overall 3.5/5. It's limited edition but not really worth tracking down for or paying in excess of retail in my books.

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