Ettusais Lip essence SPF18 (

Ettusais Lip essence SPF18 is one of Ettusais star product over the years, you will often see advertising of it associated with 'baby lips', like the below:

It is also often ranked in the top lip treatment products on various beauty magazines, e.g. 2010 cosme award. It is often released in various limited edition packagings and there are also tube versions of this.

I finally decided to give it a try- it has SPF 18 PA+++, comes in a cute pink tube:

It contains 10grams of product and retails for 1200 Yen, which is about 10USD but sometimes on sale so you can find it below 10 USD quite often.

Has a nice slanted tube that doesn't have jagged finish so you can directly apply on lips.

Content is a nice gel consistency, slightly pink but comes up pretty much clear on lips.

On skin :

smeared out:

Bare lips:

After application:

I quite like the consistency, it's between a gel and a light oil/ gloss, but doesn't feel oily or really sticky. there's a minimal tackiness which is far less than most lipglosses out there.

Unscented and have no taste either. 

Now on the effect, I have really sensitive lips so I really prefer lip treatments to be non irritating and as moisturising as possible. It offers a consistent hydration, and lasts for a good few hours, has a lovely finish (slightly glossy but not oily looking), and best of all, layers well underneath a lipstick despite the apparent glossy finish. It makes an excellent lip primer at least on my Chanels or mac lipsticks.

It doesn't really have 'plumping' effect but because of its moisturising property and that slight glossiness, it does make lip lines appear less obvious.

Overall it's 4/5. I really like how it has SPF but doesn't have that standard SPF taste or scent to it. The generous 10g size more than justifies the price tag as well.

Not my best lipbalms but I would be happy to use this up.

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