Dior Addict Lipstick/ Extreme Lipstick 762 Paris 578 Diorkiss 554 It Pink , 476 Plaza 366 Pink Icon pictures and quick review

Continuing on my quest to at least release as many photos with quick review as possible given my slowness with swatches in general =P

#762 Paris, 578 Diorkiss and 554 It Pink are all from the "Dior Addict" lipstick lines, which are releases from 2011- they feature slightly new packaging and also, many new shades.

Personally I do not find the formulation too different to previous Dior lines, and you can see base on the colors below they do release a lot of similar colors. (therefore I wouldn't worry about trying to track down particular shades given between different Dior lines, it's always repeated or similar dupes are released).

Group pictures in same order as above, from left to right is 762,578,554,476,366.

#476 Plaza is a cool toned medium pink, it's more pigmented than #554 It Pink and more 'barbie' pink. It can still be applied sheerly.

#366 Pink Icon is a more muted sheer pink, probably the lightest and most wearable out of all 5 shades I have. It also seems slightly more 'creamy' than other shades.

762 Paris is a sheer medium pink, it applies sheerer than in the tube.

578 Diorkiss is a bright medium rose pink. It's more vibrant than 762 Paris.

554 It Pink is a bright sheer pink- it's like a muted fuschia on lips but still wearable and can be applied sheerly for a subtle, office friendly shade.

The boxes for Dior Addict lipsticks look like below- tube packaging also like below.
personally I would really like Dior to start printing the color codes in a more obvious way on the body of the lipsticks, because the color codes are on caps at the moment and it's really easy to mix them up, not to mention very hard to find the shade you are looking for (especially when I'm probably looking at a collection of 10+ Dior lipsticks over the years all in similar packaging easily!).

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