Lunasol Cheek Brush S review (blush brush)

Lunasol released a few makeup brushes last year- it doesn't seem to be widely advertised and hardly saw it featured on release. 

However I decided to try the Cheek Brush S (S for short handled I think, there's also a Cheek Brush N,  in long handled version, you can see on very bottom of the page).

I was absolutely thrilled to see the brush in person- it comes in the classic Lunasol metallic brown packaging, so elegant and understated. 

It was sold just shrinkwrapped with a cardboard backing like below. It retails for 4500 Yen which is about 40USD/ AUD equivalent. It is made with a mix of blue squirrel and goat hair.

When the cap is closed, total length is 10cm, (a standard MAC blush brush is about 17cm including tip of bristles). Lunasol Cheek Brush S when twisted up, it is 13cm (you cannot put the cap on the other end to increase the length further). 
The 10cm length when stored is a perfect pocket sized brush that neatly tucks into even small makeup bags.

Once you remove the cap it's a "twist" up mechanism, which is wonderful and convenient as it doesn't accidentally retract easily. 

Bristle seems dark dark brown. 

OH MY GOD it is the most heavenly soft bristled brushes I've ever touched, softer than my Trish Mcevoy, softer than my Bobbi brown blush brown, softer than any of my MAC ones or those Jill Stuart ones that comes with the blushes. Feels so nice on the cheeks and it deposits blush really well (so far using a light colored Japanese blush with this. It can layer brush colors so well).

The finished look is even and subtle glow from within. I can also use this to lightly contour and it is wonderful at blending in those lines. It makes all my other existing blush brushes seem rough and uneven.

Quick comparison with head of MAC 188 stippling brush. Which I consider to be slightly small for a stippling brush when used as a blush brush.  The MAC brush is positioned a bit further in front so seems like it's bigger, but in reality the lunasol's wider by a tiny bit. Widest part of the Lunasol brush is about 2.5cm.

 Here's a list of other Lunasol face brushes- I can't wait to try the powder brush since it's full blue squirrel hair but I'm going to guess the price would be even higher.

The Cheek Brush S (my one) is a blend of gray squirrel and goat hair while the Cheek Brush N is actually full blue squirrel hair.

Would be really interested to trying both. I think the portable version I have is perfect for travelling, and daily use. The blend of goat hair helps to pick up more color as needed.

Overall 5/5, or 6/5 if I could extend my ratings system. I definitely want to invest in the other two Lunasol face brushes, and I do not think the $40 USD price tag is that steep consider a lot of other makeup brands are charging more than that easily.


nazliman said...

Oh my god too! I just bought this super soft brush few hours ago and danggg....cant say a word how soft it is!!! I already have cheek brush n but this one is more softer! In fact more expensive than cheek brush n.....gonna collect more of lunasol brushes!!

Wombat said...

Hi there, so glad you got this too- isn't it amazingly soft? I took it on holidays with me and absolutely loved how portable it is and convenient- and the case seems to hold up well so far and no real obvious scratches. Cant wait to try more! =)

In that case I might try the powder brush next!

Amy said...

Thank you for your review, totally agree with your feedback. I am loving this more than the other cheek brush. As to the powder brush, it's good, but I still prefer my Shu Uemura 27 and 18R, though they are not as soft as Lunasol powder brush. I prefer more snap in brushes, especially I have Normal to Oily face as they gave me slightly more glow.