L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect Protecting Masque review

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Quick review of Loreal Elvive colour protect masque. It's rather cheap for a hair masque being a drugstore brand, you get a generous pot for about 8-12 AUD in Australia.

You can see I already used most of it up- I use this more as a normal conditioner (after shampoo, I don't really use a hair conditioner nowadays and just use masques as conditioners).  It's a light peachy pink creme consistency, that is light and not very heavy or oily. Has a nice flowery/ fruity scent, but not overpoweringly sweet.

After the masque- you can see the middle section is rather smoothed, but it doesn't seal the ends completely so it can still be a bit frizzy. It's probably best for normal color treated hair that doesn't have too much damages- it's not super repairing like other Kerastase hair masques but for me it is comparable to other hair masques like Frederic Fekkai's 3 minute hair masque (which is double the price).

I've tried using this both leaving it on for 10 minutes or leaving it on for 3 minutes as a quick rinse, and didn't find too much difference in result.

Overall rating of 3/5 for a drugstore hair masque less than $20. 

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