Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm review / swatch

Malin + Goetz lip balm comes in original flavor or also the Mojito flavor. I haven't tried the original one yet (do have one somewhere if I could find it ...)

I decided to try the Mojito one first despite having a lot of other opened and unfinished lipbalms around, as I kept on reading wonderful reviews about this on a few Asian beauty blogs.

The lipbalm comes in a simple white plastic tube, minimalistic packaging which I like about Malin & Goetz. 

Whopping long list of ingredients, nothing sounds really all that natural...

It has a flat opening, not really designed to be applied directly on lips, so I just dab a bit on finger tip then apply. You can see it's a very interesting clear gel consistency. I'm not talking about those oozy lipbalm or lipgloss like finish, but it's a true gel!

You can see it actually can stand up on its own....true gel

Smeared a bit- it softens really quickly on contact with lips or skin, and applies like a lovely gel gloss. I think it's even more likeable than the ettusais lip balm I reviewed a week or two ago. 

It does have a very faint mojito scent, it's not really artificial or super sweet and sickening like I imagined, rather it's a really soft lime scent that dissipates really quickly on application, it doesn't linger. 

It's so comfortable on lips! it's not like anything I've tried so far, it's not 'oily' or slippery but it has such good spreadability yet doesn't drip. It never fully dries down either so your lips always have that slightly glossy look (not oily looking, just a subtle gloss). It's one of the few lipbalms that I apply before bed time and find it still in tact on my lips.

It retails for below 10USD in Asia easily, mostly found online though.

Overall 5/5 , thumbs up and can't wait to find my original one and try that one too.

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