Sofina Jenne Jelly Moisturizer review/ swatch

Sofina 'Jenne" line is targeted at age group of about 18-25- I'm a bit above that age range but am yet to start on much anti-aging care so I pretty much pick any skincare I'm interested in trying it.

It's 50g size in a nice white lace printed pot. With a screw top container. Retails for just a tiny 25-30USD in Taiwan (depending on where you purchase it), which makes it rather affordable.

I like how the jelly moisturizer is filled to the rim for a new pot-

It's not exactly like jelly consistency but rather a really light whipped gel-cream.

It absorbs rather quickly and leaves a lightly moisturised surface- after one minute (below pic) you can barely see any shine left.

It's a very dry and cold winter in Australia this year, I generally do not use any night time moisturiser in milk or cream (and mostly stick with just a serum each night, or very light facial oil infrequently, or a few very specific moisturising creams with the tiniest amount warmed between palms then patted on face). 

I thought given the jelly or gel-cream consistency it should be light enough for me.

It does work ok as a moderate moisturiser for me, feels really nice to use- easily spreadable, absorbs quickly, and a very very faint but pleasant scent that's non-irritating.

For me this ended up being a moderately moisturising product for me- doesn't get rid of flaky skin with a single or even 2 uses, but just replenishes moisture mildly. However I find that if I use it on a nightly basis I do still experience some very minor congestion (which is the reason I do not use any moisturising milk or cream as I'm yet to really find anything that wouldn't cause congestion on my sensitive skin when used on a daily basis).

Those with less sensitive skin in their early to mid 20s, probably more normal skin or slightly dry skin would probably like this.

Overall rating 3.5/5 for me. I will finish my pot up but will continue my hunt for the perfect night time moisturiser anyway.

(p.s. I have far better experience with almost all Sofina UV products, basically SPF30 or SPF50 moisturisers as my day-time moisturising product- they give me no congestion and moderate moisture and are definitely my staple sun protection and day moisturiser).

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