Orbis Nail Color Series #8756 (Peach Orange) polish swatch / review

Orbis has introduced new nail colors for 2012 summer.

The following are the main colors, first 4 digits are color codes, followed by Chinese name and English name and the finishes.

8750 香甜黑醋栗 Cassis Fizz(大粒珠光)[large pearl finish]
8751 熱情苺果 Passion Berry(珠光) [pearl finish]
8752 草莓幕斯 Strawberry Mousse(珠光) [pearl finish]
8753 粉紅冰山 Pink Float(珠光/半透明)[pearl/ semi transparent finish]
8754 優雅粉膚 Lady Beige(大粒珠光) [large pearl finish]
8755 蜂蜜冰茶 Honey Squash(大粒珠光)   [large pearl finish] 
8756 蜜桃馬卡龍 Peach Orange
8757 銀月之浴  Silver Shower(亮片/透明)  [glitter/ translucent finish]

I'm swatching #8756 "peach orange" first, which seems to be the only shade in the series with no finish indicator- because it's basically a creme finish. There's no pearling or glitters or shimmers or iridescence.

Orbis polishes (and most products) come in a plastic package with a single sheet of paper with descriptions etc. It's because Orbis is a bit like Fancl- a mail order originated brand in Japan so the packaging's a bit minimalistic.

Here's official website's image:


It gives lovely opacity with two coats. I'm not wearing any base coat or top coat here as I was in a hurry last night. My pinky finger is 1 thicker coat, you can see how the color's sheerer than other fingers.

#8756 is exactly as described, a peach orange, under some lights it gives more a salmon pink look, but reminds me a bit of Essie Cantaloupe. There's a certain brightness to it even though it's a pastel creme color. Maybe not as bright as Essie cantaloupe and less orange.

Ingredients etc

It's still gentle enough to be an office friendly color.

Indoor lights it looks more pastel corally pink peach. Under flash light it looks a tad paler. 

Below is as pale as it looks in certain lights.

Under fluorescent lights it can look a lot more creamiscle orange color and brighter and not as soft, I can't quite capture any photo with that so please keep in mind it can look brighter and more corally than my picture appears in certain lighting..

Overall 4/5, I quite like this pastel look and it applied smoothly without base coat. Two coats gives even coverage. Without top coat it still has a reasonable gloss and shine to it, and dried to touch in about 10 minutes realistically (and fully dried through in about 30 minutes).

Orbis polishes do have a standard nail polish smell. They retail for 79HKD in Hong Kong for 7ml.

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