OPI Isn't That Precious? NL H36 Pink Collection 2010 review/ swatch

OPI Isn't That Precious? is from 2010 Pink Collection, released along with other pastel/ nude/ french sort of shades.

In the bottle it looks like a standard OPI sheer pink shade- I can't think of any real special words to describe it- it's sort of a very generic looking shade in the bottle- soft pink, nude pink creme etc. There's no shimmer / iridescence or glimmer to it.

Below are swatches with 2 coats, with seche vite top coat. I was still rather pale when I took these photos (just spent 3 full weeks under the sun so you can see I'm a lot more tanned in the Orbis nail swatch photos in the last post!) 

Unfortunately this is those OPI shades that needs a bit more love and care on application to ensure smooth finish. You can see the visible streaky or uneveness on some tips. I think to get a really nice finish, you need about 3 coats.

Overall on the tips it makes a lovely nude pink shade, it looks really 'clean' against my pale skin.  It applies paler than it looks in the bottle, since it is a jellyish creme finish. It doesn't build to full opacity but has this nice glossiness to it which makes it not as flat looking as many other french nude pink shades.

Rating is 4/5. It's a lovely basic pink shade, if you love nude pinks you'd like this too. Just requires a bit more care and careful application.

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