Margaret Dabbs London Footcare (Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum) review/ swatch

Margaret Dabbs London Footcare range is in my books, a premium brand of nail & manicure/ pedicure care range because of the inflated prices. 

This is basically a nail & cuticle serum from the range (not limited to foot but it's really for hands more than foot I think).

It is 15ml and retails for 10 pounds, which is quite pricey considering you can get a lot of reputable brand cuticle oil for like under 8USD.

It comes in a rather high end looking dark purple paper box, and the serum itself is in a tube with a pump dispenser and cap.

Ingredient list below:
Key ingredient is probably the emu oil.

Instructions for use is just to massage a small amount into nails and cuticles and area around the nails. (It's not really intended to be a hand cream replacement)

Very small dispenser opening which I like, it's hygenic and gives an accurate amount depending on how hard you pump it.

I was a bit surprised to see the texture- when you name your product a serum, it usually indicates it's a clear liquid or gel consistency, but this is really just like any other hand cream sort of light creamy texture. It has a very faint, generic essential oil scent (maybe due to the tea tree oil inside).

However after massaging in it absorbs rather quickly and doesn't leave a high shine. Leaves a rather healthy appearance to my nails.

For the price tag I expected a very rapid result (like perfect cuticles after two or three days consistent use), however I think it performs just about the same as e.g. OPI or CND cuticle oils. While it doesn't leave my hands as oily as cuticle oils, which is a plus, but I'm sure there are other cuticle creams out there which is similar.

Again, a reminder that you should forget about applying cuticle cream or oil on nails before painting your nails, as the oil often will affect the quality of subsequent nail application.

Rating is 3/5, it's nice enough, but there are many other comparable products with about half the price.

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