L'Occitane Gel Douche Shower Gel Sweet Cherry (Cerise Gourmande) review

I took a few smaller L'occitane travel sized items with my on holidays lately, here's a belated post with review of the Sweet Cherry Shower gel.

While it has 'sweet cherry' as the scent name, it is entirely different to the Cherry Blossom line and the scents are different too.

I got a 75ml travel sized shower gel from last Christmas so the packaging is a bit different to full szied ones. 


It says the shower gel is enriched with Luberon, cheery extract etc.

One thing I really don't like about L'occitane travel products is the bottle design. It has an extremely small bottle opening in a flip top design, which is really hard to snap open with either wet or dry hands in the shower and I've broke some nails whilst attempting to open it.

The shower gel is clearish yellow. It produces a soft foam after adding water and lathered up, but it's not like bubble bath sort of quality and the foams are mostly sparse.

In terms of its ability as a shower gel, it performs fine. Removes traces of my sunscreen on the body fine (but not super tough ones like Kanebo Allie waterproof sunscreens or the Shiseido Annesa waterproof ones (though these are truly crazily difficult to remove).

It doesn't really leave my skin moisturised, felt like as if I used a normal soap - skin feels softer but definitely still need a moisturiser to follow, if you have dry skin on the body.

The scent is a sweet fruity scent, I can't quite pinpoint a 'cherry' scent inside, it's quite a mild scent (as a shower gel anyway) and the scent doesn't really linger on after you rinsed off. Again, cherry blossom scent is different and a bit more feminine and lightly floral, personally I like the cherry blossom scents a lot more.

Rating is 3/5. Nice to try, not nice enough to repurchase.

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