Kanebo Coffret D'or Beauty Sharp Designer Face Color 02 Pure Pink (blush) review/ swatch

As usual I'm seriously lagging behind on using any new purchases lol. I was looking to bring some items to my holiday (which is a good time to experiment with new things while I have time on some nights to do a more full makeup). 

I was looking for maybe 2 blushes to bring with me on holiday that's versatile. Looking at this palette I thought, of course, it has blush, highlighter, contour plus a dual end brush, what could be more convenient!

You can get a palette to fit these blushes in that will have a mirror, but I consider it rather unnecessary as the item on its own comes in a plastic pull-out container which works just fine.

You pull it out like photo below:

Instructions, suggested use etc:

Now for the actual item, 02 Pure Pink contains a patterned blush (I think the color variations goes all the way down to the base of the blush powder), and on the bottom 3 shades for highlight and contour.

Overall the whole thing is surprisingly very unpigmented- I swatched it below in the same order as how it is arranged in the palette. Pink on top, and 3 different shades on bottom row from left to right.

As you can see the pink is a pale pastel and rather sheer. However it's probably the most pigmented color in the palette and can be built up to a more pastel pink blush. The bottom shades of highlighter to contour have quite little pigmentation.

All shades have slight shimmer but not really pore emphasizing so I consider it very subtle.

Overall I know a lot of reviews complained about the sheerness, but I find it still shows up on my skin and looks even nicer when layered with other things. e.g. the highlighter shade goes well as a really subtle highlight under eye and on brow bone etc, while the pink adds a nice luminosity to other more pigmented blushes. The contour is fool proof (though even slightly too subtle for me- it will never look like a bronzer) and very easy to use for beginners.

Rating 3.5/5

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