Lancome French Absolue Rouge 308 Lily Rose review/ swatch

Lancome french absolue rouge were re-released in 2012. I'm not sure if this one is a full size or a mini size because it certainly looks very miniature to me!

I picked shade 308, I think the color name is lily rose.

Comes in a rather cute silver packaging with faceted surface. The base is gold.

#308 looks like a beige-peach-pink in tube. You can see the shimmers are really subtle and barely getting picked up by camera.

Close up:

A few different angles: 


It's actually a 'creamy' sort of lipstick and not really balmy like I expected. It applies with decent color payoff despite being a light shade. Once applied the beigy tone is not really there and you get a peachy-pink, more pale rose pink than peach though. It has a subtle shine but I would not call it like a glossy lipstick.

On lips I really like how it's just my lips but a shade lighter and more polished looking.

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