Nars Hollywoodland / Goddess Soft Touch Shadow Pencil reviews/ swatches (eyeshadow liner)

Nars soft touch shadow pencils are chubby cream eyeshadow pencils with a Nars signature (i.e. disintegrates quickly and attracts a lot of dust) plastic cap. You need a thick sharpener for these as a usual eyeliner sharpener would be too small for it.

Top is hollywood land and bottom is Goddess. The colors match the end of the eyeliner pencils.

Top (or left) is Hollywoodland and Bottom (or right) is Goddess.

Goddess on left two, and Hollywoodland on right two swatches.

Goddess is a peachy pink shimmer, while hollywoodland is a more champagne gold shimmer. I liked goddess much better since it's a softer looking color and hollywoodland is a bit too yellow even for my Asian skintone.

Without flash:

Blended out:

Honestly these look far prettier on smooth skin than on my eyes- any minor skin creases make these look creased as well and the shimmers can look uneven or a bit chunky. I didn't really intend to use them as an upper lid eyeshadow or liner, but rather as a lower lashline highlight or liner for that dewy eyed look. 

Unfortunately I think the textures are just not refined enough to give a totally natural look and any skin lines or creases will make the shades look stark and uneven.

As a cream eyeshadow for upper eyes, it still will accentuate any skin lines you didn't think you had- even with eyeshadow primers like urban decay.  The textures are just a bit too 'thick' to be blended out evenly on eyelids.

Really wanted to love these, but for the price they just don't perform up to expectation. Rating 2/5.

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