PAUL&JOE (2009 Spring Eye Color Palette CS #001 Ingenue) swatch

Paul & Joe Limited Edition Spring 2009 release: Eye Color Palette CS- 001 Ingenue review & swatch

Paul & Joe 001 CS Ingenue (2).JPG

English website extract, 2 LE palettes, #001 Ingenue contains "pearl beige, pearl brown and gray"

#002 Starlet contains "Pearl pink, pearl grey and purple".

#001 was the featured color which is the one I got, the other palette is meant to be a more red carpet shade in the grey/purple sort of spectrum.

The RRP is $1650NT (which is approx 50USD, unfortunately Paul & Joe isn't that cheap in Taiwan).

Paul & Joe Spring 09 eye.JPG

English official website promo pic:


Great quality packaging, the compact is plastic with the same print as the cardboard pacakging. Unfortunately both LE palettes come in the same pacakging, I wish they'd made it different.

The compact contains a plastic separator with Paul & Joe printed on it, in addtion to a pearly white double-ended eyeshadow brush, (brush/ sponge tip).

Paul & Joe 001 CS Ingenue (12).JPG

Back of box and the compact:

Paul & Joe 001 CS Ingenue (3).JPG

Unfortunately the darkest shade had some flyaway powder which made its way to the sponge tip applicator.

Closest to actual color:

Paul & Joe 001 CS Ingenue (7).JPG

Indoor natural light, flash: Paul & Joe 001 CS Ingenue (8).JPG

Paul & Joe 001 CS Ingenue (10).JPG

Paul & Joe 001 CS Ingenue (11).JPG

Left: Buttery soft creamy pearly beige, the consistency is more moist powder, good pigmentation, albeit a bit generic color.

Middle: Medium soft pearly brown (reflects a light gold pearl), almost a brown taupe (if it was a tad more grey), buttery consistency like the left color, decent pigmentation

Right: a very dark charcoal grey with a touch of brown, dark enough to be a liner shade. It's a bit dry compared to the other two shades, but appears super finely milled. There's still some glow to it, but definitely not as pearly or glowy as the other two shades.Paul & Joe 001 CS Ingenue (9).JPG

Window daylight, distant flash, but quite true to color.Paul & Joe 001 CS Ingenue (4).JPG

No flash, shade. 

Paul & Joe 001 CS Ingenue (5).JPG

Overall, unfortunately I'm a bit dissappointed in this palette, I should've been able to tell it was going to be another earth toned palette based on the website descriptions, for about $50USD RRP it is a real ripoff aside from the pretty packaging. I guess if you really do love Paul & Joe packaging and actually missing a warm-neutral toned basic brown palette, this is is an ok purchase.

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