Lunasol 20 February 2009- 10th year Anniversary sneak preview


February 20, 2009- Lunasol will be releasing a 10th Anniversary limited edition makeup kit for 9975yen. Kit includes a Skin Modelling Eyes in #1 (Beige Beige), Coloring Cheeks #1, Full Glamour Gloss N EX08, Noble Shade Liner EX01, High Stylise Mascara EL #1 and housed in a pouch (similar to the look for Givenchy set for X'mas and previous Dior limited edition sort of pouches).

I've pre-ordered it through friend in PR and expect to receive prior to end of January~ woohoo!

In addition, there will be a separate base makeup kit which includes the following (none of which are limited edition items, all from their regular base makeup line- but I believe it comes heavily discounted as well). - Modeling Water Liquid Foundation (full size) - Control Makeup Base (full size) - Nuance Change Foundation 01 (7g) - Under Eyes Base N 01 (2g) - Micro Finish Powder N 02 (3.5g) - Morning Wakening Massage N (10g) - Night Refining Cream (10g) - tote bag


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