Laneige The Snow Shimmer Brighter- pic & swatch

Photobucket promo pics and text : source: http://www.iswii.net/ (text in purple are sourced from iswii.net- 紫色字皆引自以上link). Black text and labelled pics are mine.

Laneige The Snow series is 2008 Christmas limited edition release (available November 2008), contains 3 different products:

"The Snow Shimmer Brighter" - limited edition face highlighter powder palette 10g NT $1250 (approx USD37),

  • "Snow Crystal Shimmer Lipgloss The Snow" - 2 limited edition lipgloss in 8ml NT700 (approx USD22) in two shades SR201 Pink Snow, and N201 Beige Snow.
  • "The Snow Eye Palette"- 2 limited edition eyeshadows in "Romantic Snow" and "Glam Snow", 10g NT1110 (approx USD 34).

(pricings are based on Taiwanese RRP prices and converted using approximate USD exchange rate- usually they are a lot cheaper in Korea).

Promo pic: Spokesperson is a popular Korean actress, her pics could sell me anything from Laneige... love how radiant she looks here (yes yes I know about photoshop too).

My pics and comments:

The packaging appearance leaves a little bit to be desired- the surface is embossed with black velvet snowflake patterns (not sure how that'd sit inside handbags...), however the hot pink text sort of ruined the otherwise romantic packaging and make it look a little bit tacky.




However the compact itself is nice, sturdy click-open style compact with mirror, powder sits in its own compartment and can be flipped up to reveal the bottom deck where the usable brush is. (very similar to Givenchy compact pacakgings).


Rather usable brush, quite soft and not scratchy.


The compact powder itself contains 6 pastle shades- powdery white, light apricot, pale pink, soft lilac, baby blue and pastel green. The primary color is the white- however the magical thing is each of the different colored snowflake shade actually goes through all the way to the bottom, not necessary in the same shape as the snowflake but apparently once the snowflake surface wears off, you get something similar to the Guerlain Meteorites compact, an even compact with various shades.


I've tried to rub harder on each shade to show the different colors in my swatch, blue was surprisingly the most obvious shade, which makes this a little tad cool toned when blended. However, once blended well, avoiding the blue slightly, it becomes a neutral or slightly cool toned highlighter, hard to describe exact color, but I guess you can just say a very soft shimmery ivory white that goes on pretty translucent on the skin. There is no obvious shimmers but it is subtle enough to be used in the office. I think if you are under dimlights this would be pretty just brushed all over the face lightly, for myself I generally just selectively highlight on cheekbones and bridge of nose etc.

Not sure how this would go for someone with darker skin, I do think it can be blended down into a translucent highlighter powder though, should not leave an obvious white or silvery streak.

Supposedly you can use this as eyeshadow as well, or blend with matte eyeshadows to give different textures and finishes, I can see it working that way as well, probably on the palest skintones though =)


Swatch pic above shows individual color swatches (in no particular order)- but you can see the blue is most obvious. However, on the face there is no detectable blue. Swatch pic below has a white line marked, underneath is the blended color for the whole palette.


Like most Laneige powders and blush/eyeshadow, while the product is firmly pressed, it actually picks up on the brush quite easily and loosens, some people hate cosmetics with flying powders so I'd just mention it. Not to the point where you have powders flying everywhere when you are using it though. You can see the brush picks up the powder easily.


On the fence about whether I'd repurchase this- I seem to reach for the highlighter deck of the snow magic box-blusher & brighter (reviewed under separate post) a bit more often- that one gives me really glowy and fresh faced look and definitely not as cool as this palette.


Liz said...

This Shimmer Brighter powder is so pretty. And it is quite reminiscent of Givenchy. How does it look on the face though? Does it appear ghostly white? Or does it simply give skin a sheer veil? Given it's packaged like Givenchy, I hope it's similar to Givenchy's Doctor White Light & Glow White Prismissime. I love that one!

Wombat said...

Hi there, i have both Givenchy white prisimissime, not sure whether we are talking about the same ones (givenchy has 1 matte one and 1 pearly version)- the Laneige one is definitely a bit more of a highlighter than givenchy (which is more like face powder), and no does not appear ghostly white, it's mainly a sheer veil. Sorry for the delayed reply! =D

Liz said...

Thanks very much for your reply! I wasn't aware that there were two versions of Givenchy's Doctor White Light & Glow White Prismissime. My one has two matte rows and one pearly row. Either way, I'm looking for more of a face powder than a highlighter (have one highlighter compact from Etude House and it lasts forever!). Thanks again!