Stila Eyeshadow Palette (Moonlight, Twilight, Kitten, Wheat, Oasis, Sun) swatch/review

Stila Eyeshadows are buttery soft, shimmery and top quality (back in the days before it got bought by Estee Lauder group at least).

This is one of the palettes that features Stila's most famous eyeshadows from the neutral family.

Swatches below under different lights, swatch from left to right are:

Sun, Oasis, Wheat, Kitten, Twilight and Moonlight:
Under warmer lights in reverse order:
Moonlight, twilight, kitten, wheat, oasis and Sun:

Moonlight is a shimmery white, twilight is a greyed blue, kitten is a shimmery (almost metallic) warm beige, wheat is just a tinge more brown than Kitten and not as metallic, Oasis is lighter than kitten by a touch but a bit more beige and less brown, Sun is a more bronze orange metallic.

Overall 5/5. The palette can be a bit too shimmery and metallic for some, but I like using just a few shades from this palette for a shimmery neutral eye look.

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