MAC Shy Angel Sheertone Shimmer Blush review/ swatch

MAC Shy Angel Sheertone Shimmer blush is a pale baby pink sheer shimmer, there is a base color to it (as opposed to just straight shimmers), the base color is a soft pale pink in the same color as the shimmers.

I don't think this will show up as much pale pink once on the skin unless for super pale girls- but I think this is intended to be layered on top of other blushes to give it dewy finish.

The shimmer is fairly subtle, does not scream glitter or visible shimmer. This also doubles as a highlighter or eyeshadow (doesn't say if it's eyesafe or not but I suppose a bit on the browbone won't hurt).

I purposedly swatched it against other MAC sheertone shimmer blush (in Dollymix) so you can see the difference in color vs shimmeryness. I find the level of shimmer is fairly consistent between sheertone shimmer blushes.

Here it is compared against just normal sheertone blushes. you can see from a distance the shimmer is pretty sutble:


Overall 4/5. A decent highlighter, but again, easily dupable in most other drugstore brands nowadays.

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