MAC Peachyness/ Blushbaby Sheertone blush Duo swatch/review

The top color is peachiness (lighter shade) and bottom color (darker shade) is Blushbaby. They are both sheertone blushes which means they are velvet matte finish.

 Swatches: I swatched peachiness a bit heavily , it's a nude peach (looks fairly baby peach in the pan but turns a bit more dusty when swatched, I wonder if it's because some of the powder from Blushbaby side is on the peachiness pan).
Blushbaby is a mauve dusty rose. It reminds me a lot of Coygirl:

Here's the swatch of blushbaby against Coygirl: Coygirl has more rose pink tone to it.

Here's Coygirl on the left, the Blushbaby pan on the right:

Overall 3.5/5. Again, sheertone blushes are comparatively weak compared to most new blushes released by MAC nowadays. There's also the issue of a lot of color seems to be a bit dull looking once swatched, even though looking quite different in the pan.

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